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Huawei tips & tricks: light painting mode

Hi guys! I am @Kim.huiskes, and today I will learn you how to use the light painting mode on your … 0 57
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Guide to Making Money On Instagram With Your Smartphone Photos

Instagram boasts an impressive 600 million monthly active users. And many of those users are making money from the site, … 0 287
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10 Steps to Build an Instagram Following

When it comes to making money with social media sites, the most important element is the number of followers/fans you … 0 206
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Landmarks with Ultra Wide Angle

FIND A NEW ANGLE AND PERSPECTIVE THAT HAS RARELY OR NEVER BEEN DONE. Most photographers realize that many of these … 0 217
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Landscapes with Ultra Wide-Angle Lens on Your Phone

Organizing Visual Elements A composition is the selection and arrangement of visual elements is vital in conveying a message to … 0 243
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Take Stunning Photos and Videos with Ultra Wide Angle

Believe it or not, you don’t have to own expensive equipment to become an art photographer who makes high-quality photos! … 0 204
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Phone Camera Settings

Don’t be lazy, learn to step out of auto mode Read the manual and make sure you’re using your phone … 0 228
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The World of Wide Angle Lenses

Wide-angle lens is one of the most popular tools of photography. One you begin shooting with wide-angle, you vill never … 0 223
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10 Reasons to Choose a Wide-Angle Lens Over Another Lens

If you’re tired of shooting most of your photographs using the only phone camera and would like to try something … 0 260
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11 Extremely Simple But Professional Smartphone Photography Rules You Can Use To Capture Award Winning Photos

… Just like the pros do it… Capturing unique and beautiful photos with your smart phone camera is not rocket … 0 231
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8 Amazing, Eye-Catching Shots To Take With A Ultra Wide-Angle Lens

For most photography lovers or enthusiasts, capturing that unique previously unseen but beautiful shot is the ultimate dream. Fulfilling that … 0 238

5 Important Portrait Photography Tips To Create Amazing, One-Of-A-Kind Pictures

If you bring together your smartphone camera and the important parts of portrait photography, you can create amazing pictures that … 0 240