17 Tips To Taking Memorable and Unique Photos With Your Smartphone’s Camera

When you wanted to take a good picture back in the day, you had no choice but to shell out money for an expensive camera and editing software for your computer. After that, you have to spend some time to learn how to use them properly.

Enter smartphones and editing apps… allowing people to take high-quality pictures and edit them without any problems or major skills.

Still, you can’t take a great picture on your smartphone by just taking the picture. That’s because not all smartphones are equal. Some of them are really bad.   How can you take great pictures you want to show off with your smartphone?


17 Important Tips To Remember When Using Your Smartphone For Taking Photos

Use Gridlines To Get The Shot Lined Up

The best way to better the look of your photos on a smartphone is to turn the gridlines on so that you can set the shot up properly. This will cause a series of lines to appear on the smartphone’s screen, using the rule of thirds in photography.

According to this rule, the image is broken down into thirds – vertically and horizontally – so that there are nine parts to it. The theory goes that if put the points of interest along the lines, the picture looks balanced and lets the viewer naturally see the image.


Put Attention On A Single Subject

The best pictures involve a single subject. It’s easier for the composition to come out right when the picture is focused on just one thing. Spend some time setting the picture up, tapping the smartphone’s screen to put the camera’s focus on that object. Use the empty space to your benefit by making the object stand out further.

Once your picture is taken, use an editing app such as Snapseed to give it a more vivid look. With editing apps, you can adjust the picture’s brightness, saturation and contrast so the one point of the picture is highlighted.


Use Negative Space

As previously noted, make use of the negative space, which is the area around and between the picture’s subject. Sometimes, simple is better, especially when it comes to composition. When you have a plethora of white space, it makes your subject stand out and creates a bigger reaction from the viewer. Negative space may include the water, open sky, a wall, etc.


Use Unique Angles and Perspectives

If you want a memorable picture, consider taking it at an angle you didn’t expect – something unique. This will generate a cool illusion for those in the picture. A majority of today’s smartphone pictures are taken from one of two ways:

  • Bird’s eye view
  • Straight on

Consider taking a picture straight up and use the sky for the negative space. Or, you can take the picture out a downward angle.  If you want to take a picture with a tilt to it, consider the SKRWT photo editing app that will adjust the picture, so the lines look square.


Use Reflections To Create Memorable Photos

Be sure you find chances to use reflections such as mirrors, metallic surfaces, sunglasses, puddles, glass, etc.


Make Use Of Leading Lines

What’s a leading line? It’s a line in a picture that brings the viewer into it, looking at one part of the picture to another. For instance, roads, train tracks and staircases can produce a sense of depth and make the picture stand out even more.


Consider The Symmetry

Symmetry is an elusive sense of striking, pleasant proportion and stability. These kinds of photos are always nice to look at and the easiest ways to create a picture. Symmetry, in photography, means producing an image that is dividable into two equal parts that mirror one another.

It’s possible to find the symmetry in the wild, but don’t forget the gridlines to ensure it’s perfect.


Be Mindful Of Repetitive Patterns

Another pleasing touch in photography is repetitive patterns. They show up stronger when the graphic elements are constantly being repeated. They make for an impactful image. Simple photographs like a tiled floor is enough to produce a beautiful, memorable image. And, sometimes, it’s just fun when the repetitive action happens naturally.


Don’t Zoom In

When you take pictures at a distance, it’s tempting to zoom in. However, it’s better that you don’t. Why? It’s better to get closer to the subject, of taking the picture from far back and then crop it afterwards. When you zoom in on a subject, you actually compromise the picture’s quality.


Capture The Little Details

The little things always seem to make the biggest impression, and that holds true for pictures too. Make sure to get close-ups of the delicate little things such as flower, butterfly, road, etc. Look for patterns and textures while you do this.

In the photo editing app, the sharpen tool can be useful to bring more details to the picture.  You can also download the Camera+ app, using the Clarity filter. It offers crispness to another picture you take.


Turn Off The Flash

It’s difficult to find a smartphone picture that’s not been taken with flash, and it looks good. After all, flash causes photos to look overexposed and colors to look odd. It doesn’t matter what smartphone you are using either. Rather than using flash, use natural light sources for your lighting. Play with the shadows or generate a silhouette.

After the picture is taken, use the “Exposure” tool in the photo editing app. Can you make the picture look brighter without the graininess to it?


Produce Abstracts

Abstract pictures are designed to highlight a subject’s essence without showing it all off. The idea is to produce unique images from average subjects. Many times this can be done by cropping a normal-sized picture or getting a close-up shot. Subjects that have repetition or patterns to them are ideal for abstract pictures.


Get Candid Shots

The best way to take memorable pictures is as they happen. For instance, get pictures of people doing things or with one another. These shots are better because they show essence and emotion of the things going on at that time.

And, take multiple pictures of this instance. You’ll have more pictures to choose from, with the right picture happening when you least expect it. You never know what you’ll get when you take more than one or two pictures.


Expand Your Mind and Think

Yes, composition is a big player in making great pictures, but the subject has a big part too. Some of the best pictures you take come from unique ideas. Remember, a picture can say so much more than text, causing emotions in people. You want to create feelings like that, and that means your pictures have to say something. Expand your mind and surprise people with something unexpected.

Cause People To Laugh

Many of the best pictures are ones that can make you laugh. For instance, an older woman wearing a t-shirt that says, “Hi Hater” is funny because it’s not something you’d expect. Another funny picture could be a dog toy sitting on a plate, which is making fun of the Instagram picture where the food was shot from a dog’s perspective.  The idea is to get the audience to laugh so that they’ll like your picture.


Use An External Lens On Your Smartphone

You can get fancy if you want by using an external lens for your smartphone’s camera lens. You can choose from wide-angle lenses, fish-eye lenses or whatever to add some quality and perspective to the pictures. Make sure you do a little research to find what the best lens add-ons are for your smartphone. Don’t skimp out here if the goal is to look like a professional photographer.


Make Use Of Photo Editing Apps

While taking a picture and composing it is just one way to make a picture look visually compelling, you still need to edit your pictures. There is a host of mobile editing apps to choose from. Be sure you find an editing app or two that brings life to your pictures.


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