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What is an ultra wide-angle lens?

First, let’s take a look at what wide angle lenses are.
A “wide angle” lens is any lens with a short focal length. Practically speaking, the shorter the focal length of the lens, the wider the field of view, and the more you’ll be able to fit in your frame. Some common wide-angle focal lengths are 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm.

And ultra-wide angle lenses are those that are shorter than 16mm in focal length.

What is the BullyEyes lens exactly?

1. Wide Angle (15mm / 120°) – 2 glass elements
2. Macro lens (x10) – 1 glass element
3. UV filter – 1 glass element
4. High-Definition Optical Glass
5. Multi-Layer Anti-Ultraviolet Coating
6. Solid aluminum alloy lens hood.
7. Universal and hassle-free easy clip, designed for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones.

And what this lens can do for you and your smartphone?

Ultra wide angle will help you see familiar subjects in a brand new way.

Landscapes will spread out in front of you as never before!

You will be able to create dynamic images with a strong visual impact by incorporating many elements in a scene.

When taking pictures of many people together, wide angle allows you to move in close and still get everyone in the shot.

Image distortion produced by wide-angle lens create amazing effects.

When photographing famous landmarks, use a wide-angle lens to record the landmark in its entirety.

Wide angle lens will give more spacious feeling to your interior pictures by including many things in the room.

Photographing a still life with wide-angle lens improves your compositions.

You can also use the macro lens for Close-Up shots and breathtaking details!

The possibilities are endless!

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