6 Photo Editing Apps To Consider For Your Smartphone’s Pictures

The majority of smartphones come with a built-in camera that lets owners take pictures that rival pictures that were taken with an expensive digital camera.  There are many kinds of mobile photo editing apps that you can use to turn those orders pictures into works of art. However, there are six amazing apps you need to consider for your next video.


The Camera+ app was created to take and edit pictures. It comes with a stabilizer that will steady your camera while you take pictures. It also comes with a 6x zoom that allows you to get up close to your subject. And, it’s installed with a grid so that you can line up the shot.

After you have taken the picture, the Camera+ includes various editing tools and built-in effects that will offer a finished look to your pictures. You can share these photos using the app to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media page.


This app has a plethora of features you’d see on a desktop photo editor. The app supports five layers and lets you make adjustments to the image such as gradient, brush, vignette, opacity and more. You can mess with the contrast and brightness of the picture as well as the exposure and saturation. It’s also possible to crop the photos to meet a certain ratio.

Photoshop Express

No matter what you think, Photoshop isn’t just for computers anymore. Instead, Adobe has created Photoshop Express – a free photo editing app that lets you straighten and crop your pictures, apply effects and filters and border the prints.

Its’s a free app with some basic features to it, but you can purchase some in-app features as well.

PicsPlay Pro – FX Photo Editor

Android’s PicsPlay Pro has more than 200 professional presets that let you customizes your pictures. It’s been developed with a number of built-in themes like Blur, HDR, Black & White and Vintage. It includes real-time opacity controls that let you customize photos to fit your needs.

PicSay Pro

When it comes to PicSay Pro, the sky is the limit. It’s an Android app with an array of photo editing features like removing red-eye or cropping and straightening pictures. You can also add special effects to your picture such as word balloons or you can make a small part of it black and white.


Pixlr-O-Matic has over 100 effects, nearly 200 different borders and 280 overlays, which lets you quickly customize pictures so you can create an array of looks. While these photos are stored on your phone in high-resolution files, the app will let you take new pictures as well. Finished pictures are shareable on Facebook or can be used in various projects.

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