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8 Amazing, Eye-Catching Shots To Take With A Ultra Wide-Angle Lens

For most photography lovers or enthusiasts, capturing that unique previously unseen but beautiful shot is the ultimate dream. Fulfilling that dream requires unlimited freedom and creative advantage.  But using a fisheye lens gives the photographer that needed freedom and advantage in taking such photos such aslowlight or semi-darkness shots, and wide angle perspectives… over other lenses.  In using fisheye lenses ordinary photo shots become creative photographic artworks.

Fisheye lenses were originally created for scientific research purposes of the sky, involving measurements of cloud cover, planetary and satellite movements (movement of stars). This combination of science of photography is commonly referred to as astrophotography.

The uniqueness of fisheye lenses enables the users to capture eye catching images in any shape or form. The coolest thing about them is that it is incredibly difficult to get a boring image with this lens.

In times past, the average cost of a fisheye lens for camera was pegged at about $950. But with the creative introduction of smart phones and smart phone cameras, the average cost of a great fish eye lens like this one right here, comprising of a wide angle lens,  and a macro lens as well, is currently priced below $55. With this amount you get to take amazing, wacky, unique and previously unseen smart phone camera shots or even video footages with your smart phone camera for a very tiny fraction of the original price of an advanced camera, but with a similar photo quality.

Such shots include scenes from close contact sports (football, soccer, ice hockey), action sports (skateboarding, snowboarding or skiing), unique daily occurrences  and even extreme but one of a kind scenes from irregular angles e.g. shots of a skyscraper from the ground up …and so much more.

So, if you are thinking of buying a new set of lenses for your smartphone  camera, here are some awesome ideas and reasons  why buying  a fisheye lens is actually your best bet.


Multipurpose Use

Purchasing an ultra-wide or fisheye lens gives you the luxury of having two, multipurpose lenses for the price of one, with each single lens being used to capture specific shots, depending on the mindset and objectives of the user. Just remember to combine both the wide angle and macro lenses at once in order to obtain a fisheye image.


Capturing Large or Wide Area Landscapes

Fisheye lenses are excellent tools for capturing everything within a particular landscape, especially landscapes with no straight lines (tall buildings, trees, electricity poles or telephone masts) such as beaches, islands, the  sea side, aerial views and skylines. This can be done by simply adjusting the portion of the landscape horizon to the middle of the camera shot. This allows for a 180 degree view of that landscape scene with all the elements of the scene in view at the same time.


Taking Awesome Group Photos

In times past, fisheye lenses were thought of as inappropriate for taking portraits… because of their distorted images. The cool thing though is that taking group selfies with a fisheye lens is extremely fantastic as it enables the user to capture your smiling, cheering group and also the fun, cool background with just one single click.

And the results?  Amazing, spectacular group picture of everyone at once with a cool, panoramic view of the background as well.


Snapping From Tight Spots

With most standard lenses, you can’t take photos inside a car’s engine, an airplane’s cockpit, an oven or a washing machine. A fisheye lens can do all that. It is especially effective for taking photos in confined spaces with limited room to maneuver.

But with a creative, open mind and some spare thinking time… you could also come up with unique shots of scenes which no one has ever taken before, by snapping photos in all sorts of strange or unfamiliar places and angles.


Wedding Receptions

Contrary to popular belief, using a fisheye lens enables a wedding photographer to come up with unusual but equally interesting shots of a wedding ceremony. Plus, while there may be multiple beautiful or funny activities happening at the same specific time, for example the groom dances with his mom and the bride dancing with her dad simultaneously on the dance floor. Rather than trying to snap 2 quick but probably uncoordinated pictures of such an amazing moment in time, the wide angle functionality allows you to still capture those unique happenings in a beautiful moment of time in its entirety.


Funny and Wacky Close-Up Portraits

The extremely concave nature of fisheye lenses makes the subject of such portrait photos that are depicted from the middle of the shot to become enlarged and enhanced, resulting in a funny looking, distorted but unique portrait photo. Such subjects may include people, animals, insects or bugs, dolls, jewelry, rare coins and so on.


Architectural, Street and Skyscraper Photos

If you are into architectural photography, Fisheye lens are also great for totally capturing large sized objects, buildings or structures in a single shot.  Such shots include the ceiling of an ancient church, a famous bridge or most architectural masterpieces. Capturing such shots using other standard lenses would come with various limitations … but the fisheye can solve such issues in just one click.

Other photo scenes like stadiums, popular streets, skyscrapers and skylines all look pretty cool when captured via fisheye lenses as well, giving an outwardly dramatic but eye catching effect.


Dim Light Photography

Love shooting golden hour photos or videos? The fisheye’s ability to capture a very wide perspective also means it can absorb more natural light than most camera lenses. This gives the fisheye lens a distinctive advantage over other lenses in terms of dim light photography such as shooting photo scenes at night, during the golden hours of the day and also for taking pictures in poorly – lit environments.


So go ahead, get your own fisheye lens for your smart phone at this store now. Keep practicing your photography techniques.Discover new photo details or ideas you never knew about before and be sure to let us know your experiences, comments or fisheye photography questions in the comments section below.


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