8 Tips To Take Amazing Landscape Pictures With Your Smartphone

You way be wondering what landscape photography is. In simple terms, it lays out spaces in the world – microscopic for some; vast for others. It’s generally used to capture nature, but it can be used for human-made features and landscape instabilities. As you look at landscape pictures, you can see the fantastical, symbolic and metaphorical expressions.

Do you want to take amazing landscape pictures using your smartphone? If you think there’s no way that it can be done – without the need for fancy equipment – you’ll be glad to learn that, yes you can! After all, landscape is everywhere you turn, and chances are your phone is always on you.

Go “Old School”

Do a little research on the landscapes’ masters. Visit your local art museum, read an old history textbook or do a search on the Internet to see how they got started. Find out how they got started. Take a look at their use of light, composition and form – and go from painters to photographers. Check out the experts of landscape photography.

Contemporary landscape photographers are often seen on Tumblr, Instagram and many other video social media sites.

Now, compare the painters and photographers, and what you’ll see is a vast array of similarities. When you go taking pictures for yourself, remember what you researched.

Ensure The Landscape Is The Picture’s Focal Point

You shouldn’t just hold your smartphone up and take a picture. You want to ensure there is a point of focus for the person to put their attention on. What about that scene is getting your attention. It may be something simple like the formation of a boulder or tree out in the field alone, a large hill dotted with white flowers. Remember to use the “Rule of Thirds” to get that focal point in the picture. And, don’t forget that people tend to read left to right.

Focus On Foregrounds

You want the person seeing the photo to look at the landscape, which means giving them something in the foreground to focus on. With a foreground for them to look at, you give them a sense of depth. You want them to continue looking at your picture.

Using Leading Lines To Lead Your Viewers Into The Picture

When viewers begin looking at your image, you want to provide them with a focal point that gets them hooked. Use leading lines to draw the audience in – a river, path, road or any moving object for the picture.

What About The Horizon

An important factor to remember when taking pictures is the notation of the sky. If you don’t have a foreground focal point, the sky will be the focal point. Make sure this horizon line down in the Rule of Thirds if the sky is beautiful. If it’s just there, you can place it above the Rule of Thirds. You’ll still need to have a dominant foreground. You can also edit the picture to boost the sky’s dominance.

Always make sure the horizons are straight. While you can straighten them after the picture is taken, the risk you take is losing the landscape. Therefore, use the grid lines to straighten your photo before you take the shot.


The best time to take pictures is not at noon. The noon light won’t do a thing for the landscape. The best times to take pictures is at dusk and dawn. You’ll have plenty of light to take pictures with, but it will offer angles that highlight its dimensions, textures and patterns.

Does that mean you should avoid taking pictures on cloudy days? Not at all! You can use the element and others to produce an amazing ambiance.

Focus On Movement

When it comes to focusing on movements, you can offer your landscapes a huge interest point and create drama. Consider using a slow shutter speed and use a tripod to hold the smartphone. Your phone’s native camera app won’t have this ability, so you’ll need to download an app that lets you make adjustments to the exposure time. Before you actually use the app, practice with it – take several various shots at various speeds.

This is when you really need a tripod because you don’t want to make any movements with your phone. A tripod will keep this from happening when you’re taking pictures of your landscape. There are several iPhone cases with tripod mounts that are built into them. You can have a secure base using a bag of sand or rice.


The first thing you need to do is shoot a landscape straight on. You want to ensure the base image, and then move around to take more pictures. Go with a high vantage point and take more pictures. Take pictures at all angles. After all, you don’t know which picture will turn out best or amazing.

If you want to take pictures of the landscape, keep these tips in mind. While they are not the end all, be all, they will definitely get you started.

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