9 Smartphone Video Apps That Can Change How People Use Their Smartphone

It wasn’t too long ago that developing a movie for yourself demanded expensive cameras and video editing equipment. However, times have changed, and smartphones are being manufactured with built-in video cameras that can take high-definition videos that can easily be played on your 42-inch high-def. television.

Besides replacing the camcorder, smartphones are replacing video editing software. How so? There are a plethora of video editing apps in the market – you’ve got the basic video editors that you can download and install. These basic video apps can help you to eliminate the parts of the video you don’t want. It will let you alter the filter and frame rate – you can even create it to look like an old school 8mm video.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an Android smartphone or iPhone, you have a video editor that you can use to produce your video. The majority of mobile video editors let you share your creation immediately on the Internet thanks to integration websites such as Facebook and YouTube.  Connect the phone to a television set, and you can watch your video via the big screen.

Here are a few worthwhile video editing apps you need to consider for your smartphone:


Do you miss the Super 8 cameras? With the iSuper8 app, you can give any iPhone recording the vintage look. Each pixel will have a unique vintage look. Plus, you can adjust the video’s rate frame into 12, 18 or 24 frames per second. It’s also got customizable film stocks to that you can create amazing videos.


The Vyclone app uses your phone’s GPS to find out where your video is being shot at, matching you to other people in the area who are also filming so you can have a multi-camera look.

VidTrim Pro

This is an Android video editor that lets you reduce and edit your videos on the device. It will compress the finished videos and share them with your friends through video sharing sites like YouTube and email. The app includes a built-in frame grabber that let you get ahold of certain frames so that you can use them as stills.

Lapse It Pro

Lapse It Pro is another easy method to developing time-lapse videos with your Android phone. It allows you to take time-lapse videos, add various effects and flip your finished product. The app-created videos that can be done in MOV, MP4 and FLV, which are shareable on all kinds of sites such as Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

AndroMedia HD

AndroMedia is a full video-editing program that provides an array of features that are seen on traditional desktop video editors. The features include adding transitions and effects, overlaying captions and title clips and fading.


This app will provide a new look to your finished video. Three effects at a time can be stacked, and effects can be adjusted to produce a finished look. You get a side-by-side view of your videos, and they can also be exported to your phone in an array of formats or uploaded to your social media site or emailed to people.


This is an Apple video editor that you can use on your iPad and iPhone. It’s similar to the desktop version – you can edit videos, add transitions and music and produce a trailer for your finished video.


Viddy isn’t just for long-form projects. Today, you can use it to capture, edit, filter and share smaller videos – 15-second viddys. The app has several built-in effects and filters that are used to develop an amazing short video. The finished video can be shared on various sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


This app will let you edit your pictures and video in your iPhone’s library and changes them into a documentary-style film. It’s regarded as an easy-to-use app with an array of built-in video instructions and ideas that will let you create a thank you video, restaurant review, etc.  The finished videos are saved to the phone’s camera roll, allowing you to share them to Facebook or YouTube.

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