Christmas Photography with a Phone

Some say that photographers never take a vacation. Some say that every person with a smartphone is a photographer. The truth is somewhere in between. You may be an amazing photographer using just a smartphone camera or you may not, and you may also take a vacation and still be a photographer. Taking pictures with your smartphone during Christmas is the perfect example. You can stay away from your heavy gear and concentrate on family, friends, and beautiful moments. In the same time, you can capture the holiday’s spirit, without wasting too much time. Read more

How To Take Amazing Smartphone Macro Photos

Who would have thought that when mobile phones were first released, we would eventually be able to take stunning photos on them that rivaled those of DSLR cameras? Smartphone camera technology has developed rapidly in the last few years – cameras on phones such as the Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone X boast fantastic resolutions, focusing tools and also nifty features such as HDR functionality and panorama effects. Read more

Guide to Making Money On Instagram With Your Smartphone Photos

Instagram boasts an impressive 600 million monthly active users.

And many of those users are making money from the site, earning as moderate as $30 per day, to 4 figure incomes on a monthly basis.  That’s right. Instagram is no longer just a place to view photos of people’s meals and cats. If you do it right, you can actually make money from it.

And the best part is – anyone with a camera, especially a smartphone camera can do it.

All you need is a good number of likeminded followers and the motivation to consistently post photos and engage with other users. Essentially, if you’re willing to put in the time and efor – you can turn Instagram info a prette good Source of Income. Read more

10 Steps to Build an Instagram Following

When it comes to making money with social media sites, the most important element is the number of followers/fans you have.

You can’t turn Instagram info a reliable money maker if you don’t have a following – that’s pretty obvious.

So, the first thing you need to do is build up the number of followers you have. This does take a bit of time, but if you put in the efor, you will get more followers.

Here are a few tips for increasing your followers on Instagram. Read more

Advanced Shooting Tips

Using Fast Shutter Speed

No matter what the speed, an object moving across the phone screen requires a faster shutter speed than one moving directly toward or away from the camera at the same speed. Also, a moving object near the camera requires a faster shutter speed than an object that is farther away. You need to use a slow shutter speed to emphasize motion, show movement, or make time exposures. A shutter speed of 1/30 or slower will cause a fast moving object to blur, losing sharpness and detail, but maintaining the appearance of movement.Controlling your shutter speed is an important factor in achieving a number of special effects. You need to use a fast shutter speed of 1/25 second or faster to freeze action and maintain detail in the subject. Read more

Landmarks with Ultra Wide Angle


Most photographers realize that many of these landmarks have been photographed by millions of people and probably most of the shots have been taken from the same angles and camera viewpoints. You can take the obvious shot or find a new angle and perspective that has rarely or never been done. After all, you can use a wide, ultra-wide or fisheye lens that will allow you to take the definitive shot.

Read more

Landscapes with Ultra Wide-Angle Lens on Your Phone

Organizing Visual Elements

A composition is the selection and arrangement of visual elements is vital in conveying a message to the viewer. It also controls the way the vital in conveying a message to the viewer. It also controls the way the viewer’s eye moves across the image. There should be no random placement of elements in a scene. Read more

Take Stunning Photos and Videos with Ultra Wide Angle

Believe it or not, you don’t have to own expensive equipment to become an art photographer who makes high-quality photos! If you want to become a pro phone photographer and take pictures that will blow everyone away, you are in luck, because we have a perfect solution for you!

TAKE STUNNING PHOTS & VIDEOS is your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won’t believe! Start reading and transform the way you take pictures forever! Read more