Huawei tips & tricks: light painting mode

Hi guys!
I am @Kim.huiskes, and today I will learn you how to use the light painting mode on your Huawei.
This mode has four options to add awesome effects to your photos. You can choose to photograph the star tracks, creating light graffiti, capture tail lights and give moving water a silky smooth effect.
 light painting mode
Before you start to use these effects on your photos, I really recommend to use a tripod to make sure your phone stands stable. On this way you get the sharpest and most beautiful results. I don’t like to carry big tripods around, so I use a flexible one. These are easy to fix anywhere you want, and small enough to carry with you.
After you have set up everything, it’s time to shoot! And this is how you do it:
1. Start the camera
2. Swipe to the right and select the light painting mode
3. Choose the mode you want to use
4. Let the camera do his job
Is it really that easy? Yes! 👏
Everyone can create long exposure photos on this way. All you need to do is watch, enjoy and edit the photo if you want to.
This post includes a video that shows you how I used the tail light mode. And an example of a photo I captured using the silky water mode.
Thank you for reading, I hope it will help you to create some awesome photos👌
Happy shooting everyone!
Kim Huiskes
@Kim.huiskes is 27 years old and living in Almelo her assembled family. Besides her passion for nature photography, she likes to write. 
Facebook: @huiskeskim
Instagram: @kim.huiskes
Twitter: Kimhuiskes
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