For the crazy selfie lover, a photo booth can do a lot.

Spice Up Your Xmas Party!

A Photo Booth at the Christmas party can do wonders to keep the guests positively influenced and happy. Christmas Party is a challenge to plan something best, and adding a Photo Booth Rental could be a great idea. For the crazy selfie lover, a photo booth can do a lot. The guests at home for Christmas party may even start gossiping with each other which will create a joyful and lovely environment. At the same instance, we all love to share the clicks, the same as in the case of the photo booth.

Which is the right option for you?


How To Take Amazing Smartphone Macro Photos

Who would have thought that when mobile phones were first released, we would eventually be able to take stunning photos on them that rivaled those of DSLR cameras? Smartphone camera technology has developed rapidly in the last few years – cameras on phones such as the Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone X boast fantastic resolutions, focusing tools and also nifty features such as HDR functionality and panorama effects. Read more

Did you know that Automatic Exposure Bracketing could help you to get the best out of your High Dynamic Range (HDR) images?

You may already have heard of Automatic Exposure Bracketing, or AEB. Did you know that it could help you to get the best out of your High Dynamic Range (HDR) images?

In this article, we’re going to have a look at AEB – what it is, why we use it and where to find it on your camera. We’ll also have a look at how to merge your bracketed images to create a great HDR effect.

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Phone Camera Settings

Don’t be lazy, learn to step out of auto mode

Read the manual and make sure you’re using your phone in the most efficient circumstances. The more control you take of the process the more you will be able to express your artistic judgement and the more likely you are to get outstanding pictures.Photography is all about light, so these different settings on a camera help us manipulate light to achieve the photo we want. Each setting represents a compromise, and finding a balance between all of these settings is often where you’ll land your favorite shots. Read more

The World of Wide Angle Lenses

Wide-angle lens is one of the most popular tools of photography. One you begin shooting with wide-angle, you vill never look at your subject matter the same way again. You will have fun discovering the wonderful images you can create, and discover the joy of photography by using a wide lens and a keen eye. Wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses are easy to use, care for and appreciate. Naturally, there are some adjustments you must make when composing a scene and deciding on your camera viewpoint. However, these are minor adjustments compared to the major advantages of using a wide-angle lens. Read more

10 Reasons to Choose a Wide-Angle Lens Over Another Lens

If you’re tired of shooting most of your photographs using the only phone camera and would like to try something new, try a lens that will help you see familiar subjects in brand new ways. The result might be more variety, interesting viewpoints and a unique perspective. What you need is a new angle, both figuratively and literally. Look no further – wide angle is the answer! A whole new view of the word and the world of photography will open up for you. These lenses produce an extremely expansive angle of view. When you want to capture more of scene, wide-angle is the way to og. Also, you will retain sharp focus from foreground to background due to the great depth of field produced by these lenses.

Try Something New!

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11 Extremely Simple But Professional Smartphone Photography Rules You Can Use To Capture Award Winning Photos

… Just like the pros do it…

Capturing unique and beautiful photos with your smart phone camera is not rocket science. Here are eleven simple, tested but trusted tips you can use immediately just like the real pros do to snap award winning photographs of your own… using your smartphone camera. Be sure to let us know your own tips in the comments section below.

  1. Equip Your Smartphone With External Lenses To Get More Visual Excitement

This tip is actually a no-brainer. Want to take phone photo skills to the next level?  Then equip your phone with the best Smartphone accessories available to expand your phone camera’s capabilities.  Accessories like these excellent ones here are useful for taking macro or ultra-wide angle shots.

Using these accessories with your smartphone will definitely transform your photography skills to an unprecedented level. Let’s just say your friends would be more eager to take group pictures or selfies with your phone.

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5 Important Portrait Photography Tips To Create Amazing, One-Of-A-Kind Pictures

If you bring together your smartphone camera and the important parts of portrait photography, you can create amazing pictures that capture’s a person’s mood, personality and expression. Do you want to take amazing photos that get people talking? If so, then there are five important things you have to remember to ensure your smartphone camera works like you want it to work. Read more