Christmas Photography with a Phone

Some say that photographers never take a vacation. Some say that every person with a smartphone is a photographer. The truth is somewhere in between. You may be an amazing photographer using just a smartphone camera or you may not, and you may also take a vacation and still be a photographer. Taking pictures with your smartphone during Christmas is the perfect example. You can stay away from your heavy gear and concentrate on family, friends, and beautiful moments. In the same time, you can capture the holiday’s spirit, without wasting too much time.

Christmas is a very generous subject for a photographer. From family portraits to festive decorated houses, from steaming beverages to glowing snow, everything is inspiring and joyful. Spend some time with your phone camera to better understand what it can offer to you. That big screen is nothing like a viewfinder. Your phone has a lot of built-in filters and effects, but it can lack settings and manual functions. The good news is that all composition rules you know still apply. After all, a good photograph happens first in your head, and then in the camera.

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