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Helpful Tips To Take Great Selfie Pictures With Your Smartphone’s Camera

A great way to show off your personality to the world is to take a selfie. Selfies work to convey your confidence and fashion sense. Most folks have taken a selfie, even doing it without thinking about it.  However, taking a selfie is much more than just pointing the camera and taking a picture. You should plan it out so that you’ll want people to share the photo and want to see these pictures in their news feeds.


9 Steps To Strike The Pose For A Perfect Selfie

Get A Good Angle

Rather than taking a head-on picture, do some experimentation using various angles to highlight different attributes. For instance, if you tilt your head a few degrees left or right, the features won’t appear near as flat. If you can put the camera higher than you, so it’s pointing downward, you can make your eyes pop.  Here are a couple more tips to help you take good pictures:

  • Learn what your good side is and take pictures from just that side of the face. The good side will be the one that looks balanced and symmetrical.
  • Angle the camera above you and take pictures of your face and chest to show off the cleavage. It’s an unnatural position, which means you know what that camera is going to focus on when you take this kind of selfie.


Show Something New On You Offshow-something-new-on-you-off

When taking a selfie, consider focusing on something new – clothing, haircut, earrings, etc. You want to frame the photo so that it highlights this new “thing” that you’re so excited about.


Smile or Be Cheerful

Most folks don’t like seeing pictures of sad folks. If you’re going to take a picture of your new hairdo, you need to look happy about it. Make sure the picture is taken so that it shows off the most flattering angle. This tip should be applied to anything new you’ve gotten including a pair of glasses.

If you decide to take a picture of yourself eating pizza or any other food, do it with a smile on your face. If you’re doing something you’ve never done before and are scared of doing, a horrified look can do wonders.


Put The Attention On Just One Feature

If you’re going to do a close-up photo, put the attention on just one feature – something you’re pleased with.

For example, if you want to take pictures of your eyes, consider eye shadow and mascara to bring out their features. You want to keep your lips and complexion as natural as possible. If your smile is what you consider the best feature you have, you want to highlight it with beautiful lipstick while your eyes and cheeks look natural.


Use An Interesting Expression

While smiling is a good thing for pictures, you may feel silly for taking pictures of yourself. Come up with a funny expression – something random. If you want to be taken seriously, come up with a cool expression to take a picture of.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your smile. For example, you can take a picture of a coy, but closed-mouth smile that can be rather flattering, even more so than a wide grin. It doesn’t matter what kind of expression you have; a smile is one that can highlight your features.
  • It can be difficult to know what kind of expression will look real. But, if you want to capture a real look, you want one that appears as if you’re feeling some kind of Take a picture while watching a comedy or when you find out something that shocks you.


Get A Full-Length Picture

Have you lost weight or bought a new outfit you want to show off? If so, then stand in front of a full-length mirror to take a picture of yourself head to toe. By doing this, your face is no longer the object of the picture.

Be sure the picture is taken in a space that’s free of clutter. You want the picture to focus on you, not the mess behind you.

You can look even slender by cocking your hip to the side the camera is being held. You want the other shoulder to come in a small bit and the free arm to rest on the hip or at your side. Your chest should naturally lean forward, and your legs crossed at your ankles.


Go For A Natural Look

Don’t add a plethora of filters all at once. While you can take a photo as the world outside would see you, you can also take one first thing in the morning to give your friends an idea of what you’re really like. The out-of-bed look is considered to be a nightmare for most folks, and if you’re one of those folks, you can straighten it up and wear a small bit of makeup that shows off the natural face.


Take Pictures Of Your Feet and/or Shoes


If you opt to take pictures of your feet, show off the new shoes at an angle that makes the legs look slender. Put the camera straight down so that the frame edge hits along the thighs and near your hips. You want the legs to look as long as you can.


Understand What Poses Are Past Their Prime

There are some selfie pictures that come and go with style. Learn what these poses are. While you can still contribute to the selfie craze, you should know what styles are just not in – unless you’re doing it for a joke. Such poses may include the muscle flexing, duck face, pretending to be shocked by something, etc. What is the duck face? It’s when you have wide eyes and puckered lips; a tactic that Snookie and her friends came up with.

The hardest thing to do is take a selfie and have it appear as if somebody else took the picture. Why? Your posture or other actions will clue others in on the trick. If you smile slightly or give a wink, then people will realize it was all an act.


How You Can Set The Stage For A Great Selfie Picture

Focus On Lighting 

It’s important you have lighting for your photo, and selfies are no exception. If you try taking a picture in a dimly-lit room or one with fluorescent lighting, it’s not going to come out the way you’d like it to. The best light is natural light – take the picture outside or near a window.

You want the light source or sun to be in front of you – slightly above your eye level – to get the best shot possible. This lighting with soften and accentuate your features instead of casting shadows on your face. If the light is beside or behind you, these features could become distorted or look shadowy.

  • Use a thin curtain to curb the light source such as the sun. This creates a softer tone and can lead to smoother facial lines, so when you smile, you look more attractive.
  • Natural light enhances colors better than artificial light, but artificial light can fill the shadows in. When you can’t get the best lighting possible, many of today’s digital cameras have an automatic color correction tool.
  • Avoid using flash whenever you can. Flash will cause three things: distort how you look, produce a glare on the forehead and produce redeye.


Make Use Of The Back Camera

A majority of cell phones have both a camera in the front and back. You don’t have to use the front camera to take your selfies; you can use the back one too.  Bear in mind that back cameras have a better resolution to them than front ones, which can create a blurry image. You won’t see your face when taking the picture, but it’s well worth the hassle when you do use it.


Avoid The Mirror Unless You Really Need It

When you take a picture in the mirror, it will show up reverse, the camera is going to be visible and you may have a strange glare. On top of that, there could be some distortion since the glass doesn’t always give an accurate reflection.  Instead, stretch your arm out, using your wrist to point toward your face with the camera and take your picture right… without cutting your head off.

You will need to do a little practicing here; but, over time, you’ll know just how to take the right pictures.

The only exception to using a mirror is when you need to do a full-body selfie. This can be difficult to do without some kind of mirror.

Be sure you use both your right and left hand to take the pictures. Which hand is giving you the angles you’re looking for?


What’s The Picture’s Background


Your best selfie isn’t going to involve just your face. There’s always something behind you going on too. It doesn’t matter where your selfie is being taken – inside or outside. Make sure you look around to see what up. You want to be put in front of the background.

Nature makes a wonder background no matter what season. Spring and summer allow you to take a pose in a bloom full of flowers. Fall lets you capture the leaves changing colors. And, with winter, you can use the snow and ice as your background.

If nature isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for you, stay inside and took pictures in a room. Be sure you clean things up first. After all, the idea is to focus on you… not the mess around you. If you love reading, consider using a bookcase full of books as your backdrop. Don’t do a movie poster since it can take away the focus on you.


Be Mindful Of Photo-Bombers

Before you take a picture, you want to watch for the photo-bombers. You know the ones who are in your photo and didn’t realize it until after you took the shot. You want to make sure nothing is around when you take the photo. Don’t let them ruin it for you.

  • If you notice a photo-bomber is in the picture anyway, consider taking the photo once more after they leave. Again, you want the background to look good before you share the selfie with the world.
  • There are cases where photo-bombers can add to your selfie. Don’t dismiss the picture entirely. If it appears the quality is better with the photo-bomber in it, share it.
  • If you’d rather not take the picture again, even with them in it, you can use a program such as Adobe Photoshop to remove them. Or, you can crop the picture with the camera’s built-in image editing tools.


Add More People To Your Photo


Yes, the rule about selfies is that you need to be in the photo for it to qualify as such. However, the rules didn’t say you had to be alone for it. Share the selfie with others such as your loved ones, dog, or even strangers. The picture isn’t going to be controlled, but it’s going to be certainly interesting with others sharing in on the fun with you.

  • A great way to take a selfie is to do it in public, especially if you don’t like to do selfies alone.
  • The more folks you have in the picture, the better it’s going to be, as it’s likely to be shared more often.


How To Upload and Deal With Your Selfies

Do Some Experimentation With The Filters

A majority of smartphone cameras have apps that add dimensions to a picture using light filters and colors. It’s important to understand that not all filters are created equal, and you may have to play around with it before you settle on the right one for your picture.

  • The easiest filers are “Sepia” and “Black and White.” If your phone doesn’t have a photo app installed, you should still have these features.
  • There are an array of filters that change the look of your picture. They can make a picture look romantic, dark, vintage or even creepy. If you want to come up with a unique style, you need to play with them all and see which filter is best for your picture.


Editing Your Pictures

With a photo editing software, you have the power to touch up flaws or blemishes on the selfie before you decide to upload it to the Internet. You can remove the background or resize the photo, so your face is framed differently. If you want, you can alter how the light appears. There is so much you can do when editing your pictures.  Many edits can be done without apps, but be sure you look at the various kinds before deciding to use or not use an app.

  • Make sure you’re carefully photo editing pictures. You don’t want them to look unnatural. So, if a change is made that makes it look odd or out of place, consider deleting the chances and trying again.


Upload The Pictures To Social Media Sites

Make sure the photo is shared via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Add captions to your photos to describe what’s going on in the picture. Sometimes though a picture can speak a thousand of words and no words are needed.

  • Own the selfie you upload. If you try to pretend you were just there when something happened, people are going to notice it. Be proud that you showed off your face.
  • Some people are annoyed by selfies and may post negative comments. If you notice online albums are loaded with selfies, it may be time to diversify.
  • Leave comments you want to see on your selfies on others’ selfies so that you get shares and links on your pictures as well.


Participate In The Trends

Selfies have certainly increased in popularity over the last several years, and it can be fun to participate in the trends. What kinds of selfie trends do you see occurring? You can always start your trend or get in on the fun of the current one. Here are a few trends that are happening today: 

  • Throwback Thursday – Every Thursday people will post pictures of themselves of times gone by. Consider finding one from when you were younger of, if you want, a recent photo.
  • Feminist Selfie – This was a Twitter hashtag that took off, showing off your beauty even if it wasn’t society’s definition of beautiful. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.
  • Greatest Asset Photo – Take pictures of what you feel is your greatest asset.
  • From Where I Stand – This was a hashtag people developed for those who wanted to show pictures from their perspective. Consider taking pictures of your feet as you visit a new country for the first time or as you are walking along a beach or sidewalk.


Ensure the Setting Is Right

There are several locations you don’t need to take selfies such as funerals or accident scenes or even in church. A majority of these locations make sense but if you have questions about whether or not the location is good, ask yourself if you’d be upset if people were taking a selfie in it or if your taking a selfie there would be upsetting to others.

  • If the event is geared towards a celebration of someone else, leave the smartphone alone for pictures.
  • If you’re visiting a memorial site, you don’t need to take pictures with your phone, especially if the statute or memorial was placed there after a tragedy such as 9-11.


10 Frequently Asked Questions People Have About Selfies

1 – How Can I Ensure Good Lighting Each Time I Take A Selfie?

Get in front of a window, using the sun to accentuate your features.

2 – What Can I Do If I Hate The Way I Smile?

You’ll need to experiment with various smiles, or you can squint your eyes a small bit while you smile to make it appear natural. Bear in mind that your smiling thoughts may just be all in your head. Most folks have no problems with your smile.

3 – Where Should I Focus My Eyes When I Take A Selfie?

The general rule is to look into the camera. However, this will be dependent on the type of selfie you take. You may get a better image by looking down, up or away. Look at others’ selfies to get a general idea of what you may be after.

4 – How Can I Get A Proper Facial Expression That Looks Good In A Selfie?

The mirror will be your best friend here. Look it and try various poses using an array of facial expressions. Use your favorite ones and take pictures at various angles. Don’t forget to smile as confidently as you can.

5 – Do I Have To Use The Front Camera To Take A Selfie?

It’s up to you if you want to use the front or back camera, but keep in mind that the back camera has a higher-quality to it.

6 – Can A 5MP Camera Be Enough For Selfies?

Yes, the 5MP camera will be enough, but don’t forget to pay attention to other things like low-light capabilities and lens since they will help or hinder the photo.

7 – If I Am A Man, How Can I Take Good Mirror Selfies

Be sure you pull the top on your shirt down, so you get a sexy look. If you want something formal, relax.

8 – What Can I Do If I Have An Ugly Face?

If you feel like your face isn’t pretty enough, you can always wash and moisturize it before taking the picture. Be sure you take pictures using various angles until you find the one you like. But remember, most of the problem with your face is your own insecurity.

9 – Does A Phone Need To Have Front Camera To Take Selfies?

No. It is possible to take selfies using a back camera. You just have to practice to come up with the right angle. Bear in mind that front cameras tend to have lower resolutions.


Do I Have To Share My Selfies With Social Media?

If you want to take a selfie and share it with no one, you can. There’s no reason to share all your selfie, if any of them, if you don’t want to.


9 Tips To Take The Best Selfie Possible

  • Make sure the picture looks as natural as you can. You don’t want to look like you’re trying hard.
  • If you cock one hip out, you make yourself look thinner. However, you should be proud of how you look since appearance won’t define your abilities.
  • Ab pictures are better when shot from the side. Males need to leave their shirts off, not just pulling the shirt up a bit.
  • To show off cleavage well, take the picture while lying on a floor on propped up by your elbows
  • If you want to show off muscles, stretch the arm out that you want to show off.
  • Get a selfie stick if you want to take a good selfie shot. After all, it’ll stretch and give you great pictures from all kinds of angles.
  • Keep your phone steady when taking your selfie photo.
  • When you’re outside and taking a selfie, take advantage of the wind.
  • When using iPhones to take your pictures, use the VOLUME button or set up the timer.
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