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How To Fix Distortion With SKRWT App

SKRWT is a perspective and lens correction app that helps you distort or enhance your photos with a couple of clicks. It’s a great app if you’re interested in adjusting the perspective of your photos in an easy way that appears professional. So let’s check out how it works!



This feature is super easy to use! You can correct horizontal and vertical distortion with just one swipe. So the tools are located at the bottom of the screen, and you can swipe left or right to access more icons.

Let’s see some useful tools for photos shot with wide angle lenses.

Straighten Tool

With the Straighten Tool you can level the horizontal lines in an image by slightly rotating the photo.


Horizontal Correction Tool

This tool is used for editing photos with horizontal perspective distortion, where the horizontal lines are converging towards the left or right of the frame.

Here you can see before and after horizontal correction.


Vertical Correction Tool

It’s used for editing photos with vertical perspective distortion, where the vertical lines are converging together towards the top or bottom of the photo.



Curved Lines – Lens Correction Tool

Depending on the lens that you shoot with, you can get different amounts of distortion in your image which will affect how straight the lines appear. If you shoot with a wide angle lens attachment, you’ll notice a certain amount of “bulging” in the middle of the photo, and any lines in your photo will appear slightly curved.

With the Lens Correction Tool you can choose which type of lens you used to take the photo, e.g. iPhone, Wide Angle, Fisheye, etc. in order to correct the specific type of distortion that you get from that lens. Often, just a slight adjustment can correct the natural lens distortion and create perfectly straight lines in your picture.

Here you can see the process and final result after correction of lens distortion.




Fixing crooked lines asks for slight cropping of the photo and SKRWT’s automatic cropping provides you with the best possible result.

When you use the perspective correction tools to straighten the vertical or horizontal lines, what you’re essentially doing is stretching out two corners of the image, while the other two corners appear pushed together in comparison. This creates a strange shaped image that is no longer rectangular.

The Auto-Cropping Tool allows you to automatically crop away the wider edges of the image to create a rectangular shaped photo. This tool is activated by default when opening a new photo, so if you don’t want to auto-crop your photo, simply tap the icon to deactivate this feature.

Note that if you don’t choose to auto-crop, you’ll end up with a black background around the narrower edges of the photo.

Crop Tool

The Crop Tool is used for cropping away any unwanted edges of the image. When entering the Crop Tool, you’ll notice that the corners are either green or red. A green corner means that the crop area is inside of the photo, and a red corner means that it’s outside.


Here’s some features of SKRWT app that can be useful when editing lens distortion of the photos shot by wide angle lenses. We recommend this app if you want to add different perspective to your photos and it’s ideal for BullyEyes wide angle lens as well!

Author: Busra Oktem
Busra Oktem
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