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Wide Angle Fun Effects

Gigant Effects

Funny Effects with Wide Angle

You can have fun when you use wide-angle lenses to photograph people, particularly when you use ultra-wide angle lenses. Take advantage of the ability of these lenses to exaggerate the size of objects close to the lens and to diminish the size of a distant object.

For example, with ultra-wide angle lens, you can make a person appear to be a gigant holding a little person in its hand. You can do this by having someone as the “gigant” stand close to the lens while the other person stands in the distance behind the “gigant”. The wide-angle lens will make the person seem even farther away and this cause a reduction in size. Have the “gigant” extend its arm out to the side with the palm of the hand turned up and level.

To make the person who is the “gigant” look more imposing, take the shot from a low position. This effect works better with a wide-angle lens rather than the only phone camera because of the narrow depth of field and wide angle of view which help render the people in the foreground and background in sharp focus. It also exaggerates the differences in their sizes.


Facial Feature Effects

Get as close to the person as the lens allows while staying in focus.

Face Effect with Wide Angle
This will allow the person’s face to fill most of the frame with the focus staying sharp from the top of the head down to the chin.Another effect you can create uses an ultra-wide lens to distort people’s facial features. Because objects that are very close to these lenses spread out and bend back giving a doorknob reflection effect, you can dramatically alter a person’s facial features.

Experiment by shooting at different angles and from high and low positions. Shoot from above and tilt down to make the head look large and the chin looks small. From below, tilt up for the opposite effect.

Don’t just shoot full face shots; work on shooting profiles too.


Make the creation of these photographs a group effort

Wide Angle Lens Effects

Height Effects

Wide Angle Phonto Effectes

You can also use the ultra-wide angle lens to alter someone’s height by making a person appear taller or shorter than he or she really is. To make someone appear taller, get close to your subject and crouch down low, or lie on your back, while the person is standing. Aim the phone camera up and take a vertical shot. You can either shoot from head to toe, or from the lower torso up. To add to this illusion put som small objects in the distance behind the person. This will make the person seem even taller. Make sure there are no elements in the scene such as a nearby tree that might ruin the effect.

To make someone appear to be much smaller, stand on a ladder or chair and aim the camera down and slightly off center from the top of the person’s head. This viewpoint will make the subject look very short because the lens compresses everything. If you get closer, it will appear that the head is much too large in proportion to the body. You can make a horizontal or vertical shot and try to include the top of the person’s feet for a more convincing illusion. If you can include a tall object that is close to the lens, it will enhance the effect. Make the creation of these photographs a group effort by getting family and friends involved in the production of wide angle special effects.






Ultra Wide Angle and Macro

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